How to Make a Brochure on Google Docs

If you’re wondering why you should learn to create a brochure on Google Docs, the answer is straightforward. Whether you’re promoting a business, product, service, campaign, or initiative, a well-designed brochure is a powerful tool. 

Google Docs offers a free digital brochure creator, allowing you to easily convey essential information and enhance it with images and graphics. By using Google Docs, you retain complete control over the brochure’s creation process, ensuring it aligns with your vision. 

This guide explores how to create brochures on Google Docs, both with templates and from scratch. Let’s get started!

Is Google Docs Good for Making Brochures?

There are two primary methods to craft professional brochures in Google Docs: utilizing a free brochure template or constructing one from scratch. While Google Docs offers a convenient and cost-free platform for brochure design, it may not be the optimal choice for every user. Its customization options are somewhat limited, such as restricted graphics placement, which can pose challenges in arranging visuals to your preference. 

The platform lacks a variety of page types and sizes, potentially necessitating adjustments to your original design. Furthermore, Google Docs lacks the capability to incorporate custom fonts, which may hinder branding efforts. 

Therefore, if you seek extensive customization and flexibility, Google Docs may not meet your needs. We also delve into utilizing Word 365 for brochure creation in this post. However, Google Docs’ interactive brochure template serves as a useful tool for generating initial drafts, allowing designers to infuse creativity and flexibility in the final touches. 

While relying solely on Google Docs for brochure creation may require compromises on certain elements, fret not; we’ll guide you through the process and offer helpful tips and tricks to ensure you produce the finest brochure possible.

How to make a brochure on Google Docs

Making a brochure on Google Docs is not rocket science. There are two popular ways to create a brochure using this online app.

We delve into both of them below:

Using Digital Brochure Examples or Templates:

If you’re pressed for time or effort when crafting a brochure, utilizing pre-designed Google Docs brochure templates is the way to go. Here’s a step-by-step guide to designing a two-page brochure using an existing informational handout template:

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Open Google Docs in your web browser and select a blank document or an existing one. Navigate to the File menu, choose New, and select a brochure template from the Template Gallery.

Click on the Brochure category in the Template Gallery under the Work section. Your chosen template will open instantly for editing, allowing you to begin customizing your brochure.

Personalize the sample business brochure design to suit your requirements. Utilize the Formatting toolbar to insert or replace images, modify headings and content, adjust font styles, sizes, colors, alignment, and more.

Easily add images by clicking on Insert Image in the Formatting toolbar. Upload high-resolution images from various sources such as your computer, the web, Google Drive, Google Photos, or a web link. Resize and crop images to fit the brochure template and even shape them differently using the Crop feature.

Incorporate text within shapes by accessing the Insert menu and selecting Drawing. Choose a shape, add your text, and position it wherever desired on the brochure.

Upon completing your brochure design, download it in various formats including DOCX, PDF, EPUB, RTF, ODT, etc. Alternatively, publish it online or print it directly. Consider printing a test copy to evaluate its effectiveness before printing in bulk or as needed.

Making a Brochure From Scratch

Are you a hands-on, do-it-yourself enthusiast who prefers to craft things from scratch? If so, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can create your own stunning brochure using Google Docs, bypassing the need for professionally designed templates.

Here’s your personalized roadmap to brochure creation bliss:

Kickstart your creative journey by opening Google Docs and initiating a blank document canvas.

Tailor your canvas to fit the brochure’s vision by navigating to the File menu, selecting Page Setup, and tweaking the orientation to Landscape while fine-tuning margins to your liking.

Harness the power of Google Docs’ intuitive features to construct your brochure layout. Whether you opt for a captivating tri-fold or a sleek bi-fold design, simply insert a table with the desired column setup to segment your masterpiece.

Expand your canvas by enlarging the table row to fill the entire page, providing ample space for your creative endeavors.

Duplicate this layout for the interior pages, maintaining consistency and coherence throughout your brochure.

Infuse your creation with personality by adding compelling content – be it text, images, graphics, or charts. With complete autonomy over alignment, font, and formatting, the possibilities for customization are limitless.

Fine-tune the presentation by hiding the table outline for a polished finish. Simply navigate to the Format menu, access Table options, and adjust the border width to a sleek 0pt.

With your masterpiece finalized, it’s time to bring it to life. Seamlessly print your brochure on a duplex printer, ensuring both the front and inside pages are flawlessly captured. Alternatively, share your creation online by publishing it directly to the web.

Embrace your inner DIY spirit and craft a brochure that speaks volumes, all with the power of Google Docs at your fingertips.

Alternatives to Google Docs for Making a Brochure

Alternatives to Google Docs for Making a Brochure

Unlock your brochure designing potential with Google Docs! While it’s perfect for crafting sleek brochures with easy customizations, it may feel a bit confining when you’re aiming for a more intricate layout. Fear not! There’s a world of free apps waiting to elevate your brochure game. Whether you crave superior template options or crave advanced design tools, these alternatives have got you covered. Dive into creativity with:

  1. Canva
  2. Crello
  3. Adobe Creative Cloud Express
  4. Venngage
  5. Visme
  6. PsPrint

With these alternatives, your brochure dreams are just a click away!


Crafting a compelling company brochure in Google Docs is a straightforward process. Access Google Docs, create a new document, and choose a suitable foldable brochure template. Customize dimensions via the ‘Page Setup’ in the ‘File’ menu for printing. Utilize the ‘Insert’ menu for images, text boxes, and shapes. 

Google Slides can enhance interactivity. Google Docs’ brochure template simplifies tri-fold brochure design, allowing customization to reflect your brand. Google Sheets offers similar capabilities for spreadsheet requirements. Explore alternatives for more customization.

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