8+ Best Google Docs Resume Templates—and How to Use Them

I can still vividly recall the moment I first tackled the daunting task of crafting a resume. I was just 16, eager to land a role at American Eagle. Despite not necessarily needing one for an after-school job, I decided to go the extra mile. With no prior experience, I borrowed my older brother’s resume and essentially mirrored his format, slotting in my own details.

Perhaps you can relate to this approach: borrowing a stellar resume and tailoring it to fit your own experiences. I must admit, it served me well, and to this day, I still utilize that very template.

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However, if you find yourself in the unfamiliar territory of resume creation without a template to guide you, fret not. We’ve curated eight fantastic Google Docs resume templates that are not only engaging but also budget-friendly, if not entirely free. Alongside these templates, we’ve included some valuable tips on how to leverage them to your advantage.

What makes a good resume template?.

When selecting a resume template, it’s crucial to opt for one that not only catches the eye and is user-friendly but also encompasses all essential resume sections. Equally important is choosing a template that seamlessly integrates with applicant tracking systems (ATS). 

These systems, widely used by employers, facilitate the storage, organization, and search of candidate resumes to identify the most qualified applicants. While ATSs boast advanced functionalities, they aren’t flawless, and certain formatting elements can hinder accurate parsing of resumes.

To enhance your chances of progressing in the hiring process, it’s imperative to avoid including the following formatting elements in your chosen Google Docs resume template:

  • Tables
  • Text boxes
  • Images, including photos (in the U.S.), logos, graphics, graphs, and other visuals or text within these elements
  • Headers and footers
  • Less common fonts

Moreover, be mindful of using columns, as ATSs typically read from left to right and may struggle to interpret content arranged in columns. If the layout of your resume isn’t significantly altered by omitting columns, they may be acceptable.

Best built-in Google Docs resume templates

Best built-in Google Docs resume templates

Looking to streamline your resume creation process in Google Docs? Opt for one of Google’s ready-made resume templates. If you’re on docs.google.com, simply click on “Template gallery” at the top right and browse through the available options. Already in a Google Doc? Just click “File” > “New” > “From template gallery” to access them all.

Google offers five built-in templates, but we suggest only three for navigating through any ATS you might face.

1. Google Docs Coral resume template

In need of something straightforward? Look no further than this Google Docs resume template. With a touch of color and clear guidance on formatting, it’s a foolproof choice. To ensure ATS compatibility, simply delete “Hello” and “I’m” from the top and choose between black or coral for your name.

Cost: Free

2. Google Docs Spearmint resume template

What sets this template apart is its prioritization of the skills section, making it ideal for career changers. Why? Placing skills at the forefront allows you to highlight your transferable skills, particularly beneficial when your previous experiences might not directly align with the job. 

This format, known as the hybrid or combination resume, emphasizes skills above work history.

For career changers, tailor the resume to the desired job by removing irrelevant experiences and skills, possibly renaming the “Experience” section to “Relevant Experience,” and adjusting bullet points to match the job requirements.

Cost: Free

3. Google Docs Modern Writer Modern Writer resume template

Here’s another one of Google’s default resume templates we suggest, marking the end of our recommendations. Similar to the “Spearmint” template mentioned earlier, this one places skills prominently at the top. Keep in mind, you have the flexibility to adjust the order of sections in any template to better fit your needs (simply copy and paste to rearrange sections as required!). Best of all, it won’t cost you a penny.

Other Google Docs resume templates

Other Google Docs resume templates

Here are a couple more templates sourced from various corners of the internet, all of which can be easily opened as Google Docs files.

4. The Muse’s Resume Template

Absolutely, we’ve crafted a resume template on Google Docs! It’s completely free, simple to insert your details, and provides clear guidance on formatting, including bullet points and essential skills to include. To get started, just navigate to “File” > “Make a copy” to personalize your own version.

Price: Free

5. Career Reload’s Mindy resume template

This handy Google Docs template from Career Reload streamlines the process of navigating through your resume. By switching out the old-fashioned resume objective with a modern resume summary, your document becomes even more effective.

Price: Free

6. Career Reload’s Josh resume template

Here’s another option from Career Reload that utilizes white space to alter the visual appearance of your resume. Ideal for those in the early stages of their career or those aiming to highlight select experiences, this template offers reduced text space overall. The section headings are arranged in columns, yet remain ATS-friendly, ensuring readability from left to right.

Cost: Free

7. ResuStudio’s Google Docs resume template

If you’re looking to elevate your presentation (and don’t mind investing a bit more), this template exudes a higher level of sophistication and professionalism without overwhelming hiring managers or ATS systems. 

For those further along in their careers, a two-page version is available. Remember to omit the “References available upon request” line—it unnecessarily consumes space. Employers know they can request references when needed.

Cost: $9.26 (includes frequent updates)

8. BestResumes’ Google Doc resume template

Looking for an affordable option? This template offers vibrant colors, an ATS-friendly layout, and multiple ways to highlight your key qualifications—all at an unbeatable price. And that’s not all! Your purchase includes a two-page template, a cover letter template, and a reference sheet template, all perfectly coordinated with your resume design.

Price: $5.96 (with frequent updates)

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9. Any ATS-friendly resume template you’d like

If none of these templates quite hit the mark, don’t worry! Etsy boasts a plethora of premium resume templates crafted by skilled designers, including many ATS-compatible options.

Alternatively, you can easily adapt almost any Microsoft Word or other resume template found in Google Docs. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the template.
  2. Navigate to docs.google.com and select the folder icon to access the file picker.
  3. Choose “Upload” at the top of the window and select your file.
  4. Save the file as a Google Doc.

Already working in a blank Google doc? No problem! Just click “File” > “Open” and follow steps three and four above.

Keep in mind that while most formatting should transfer smoothly, it’s always wise to double-check that the template retains its polished appearance in Google Docs.

Bonus tips for using your Google Docs resume template

Bonus tips for using your Google Docs resume template

It might seem obvious, but using these templates goes beyond simply plugging in your skills and experience. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Replace everything in the template with your own information. Otherwise, the hiring manager might wonder why it says “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” under your education. Give your resume a thorough review, and have a friend or two check it for errors as well.

2. Make the template your own. If you don’t like the color of the headings, change them. Adjust the font size if your name is too big and taking up space. Feel free to add your own sections, like “Certifications” or “Projects,” that match the job description. Templates are meant to be personalized.

3. Focus on the content. While pretty resumes are nice, if the content isn’t tailored to the job, thoroughly proofread, or somewhat interesting to read, you won’t land that interview. Ensure your resume bullets are top-notch and follow these crucial resume tips.

Sound good? Excellent. Now, go out there and let your resume shine! Teenage Alyse would be proud.

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