Warrior Season 4: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far

Warrior, an American television series blending martial arts, crime, and drama, captivated audiences with its vivid portrayal of the tumultuous Tong Wars set in 1870s San Francisco. Inspired by the writings of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, the show follows the journey of Ah Sahm, portrayed by Andrew Koji, as he navigates the complex world of Chinatown, seeking his sister amidst a backdrop of power struggles and shifting allegiances.

With its compelling characters and exhilarating fight sequences, “Warrior” quickly amassed a devoted following across its three seasons, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the possibility of a fourth installment to continue the saga and provide resolution to its tantalizing cliffhangers.

What Is Warrior All About?

“Warrior” transports viewers to the intriguing setting of 1870s San Francisco, during the era of the Tong Wars, a period marked by intense conflicts between rival Chinese immigrant factions. At the heart of the series is Ah Sahm, a skilled martial artist portrayed by Andrew Koji, who arrives in the United States in search of his sister.

However, his quest takes an unexpected turn when he becomes embroiled in the machinations of powerful Tong sects operating within Chinatown. With its rich historical backdrop and dynamic characters, “Warrior” offers a gripping narrative that explores themes of identity, loyalty, and survival amidst the chaos of the era.

Recap of Previous Seasons

The journey of “Warrior” began with its premiere in April 2019 on Cinemax, introducing audiences to the captivating world of 1870s San Francisco and the intricate web of alliances and rivalries within Chinatown. The first season laid the foundation for the series, establishing Ah Sahm’s quest to find his sister while navigating the treacherous landscape of the Tong Wars.

The subsequent seasons further expanded upon the storyline, delving deeper into the conflicts between rival factions and the personal struggles faced by the characters. Season 3, in particular, concluded with a gripping cliffhanger, leaving fans eager for resolution and hoping for the possibility of a fourth season to continue the narrative.

What Happened At The End Of Warrior Season 3?

The finale of Warrior Season 3, titled “A Window of F*cking Opportunity,” left viewers on the edge of their seats with its dramatic twists and revelations. At the center of the episode is Ah Sahm’s pivotal decision to choose his sister, Mai Ling, played by Dianne Doan, over loyalty to the Tong alliances in the city.

This decision sets the stage for a potential reconciliation between the estranged siblings and opens up new avenues for character development in future seasons. Additionally, the finale leaves several other storylines unresolved, including the fate of key characters and the escalating tensions between rival factions, setting the stage for further conflict and intrigue in potential future installments.

Is Warrior Season 4 Happening?

Is Warrior Season 4 Happening?

Despite the fervent hopes of fans, the news of Warrior Season 4’s cancellation came as a disappointment when it was announced by Max in December 2023. However, there remains a glimmer of hope for the series’ revival, as Netflix subsequently acquired the rights to the show, releasing all three seasons on its platform in February 2024.

This move has reignited speculation among fans about the possibility of a fourth season, especially considering the show’s availability to a wider audience on Netflix. While there has been no official confirmation of a fourth season, statements from cast members like Andrew Koji suggest that there is still potential for the series to return if the stars align.

The Future of Warrior: Possibilities for Season 4

If Warrior Season 4 were to materialize, there are countless narrative possibilities waiting to be explored. One of the most anticipated storylines is the further development of the bond between Ah Sahm and Mai Ling, whose relationship reaches a critical juncture in the Season 3 finale.

Additionally, the ascension of Li Yong, portrayed by Joe Taslim, to the leadership of the Long Zii Tong presents intriguing opportunities for exploring power dynamics within the Chinatown underworld. Furthermore, the fate of characters like Chao and the growing influence of figures like Mayor Buckley offer fertile ground for new conflicts and plot twists in future seasons.


Warrior stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of martial arts storytelling, blending historical drama with pulse-pounding action to create a series that has captured the hearts of audiences around the world. While the cancellation of Warrior Season 4 may have dashed the hopes of fans, the series’ availability on Netflix and the continued passion of its fanbase leave room for optimism about the possibility of a revival.

As viewers eagerly await news of the show’s future, they can take solace in the fact that the legacy of “Warrior” lives on, ready to inspire and entertain new generations of viewers with its thrilling tales of honor, betrayal, and redemption.


Is Warrior Season 4 confirmed?

As of now, there has been no official confirmation of Warrior Season 4. The series was canceled after the third season aired, but there remains speculation about the possibility of a revival, especially with the show now available on Netflix.

Why was Warrior Season 4 canceled?

The cancellation of Warrior Season 4 was announced by Max in December 2023. The reasons behind the decision have not been explicitly stated, but factors such as viewership numbers, production costs, and scheduling conflicts may have played a role.

Will Netflix revive Warrior for Season 4?

While Netflix has acquired the rights to the series and released all three seasons on its platform, there has been no official announcement regarding the revival of Warrior for Season 4. However, the show’s availability on Netflix has sparked hope among fans for a potential revival.

Are the actors interested in returning for Warrior Season 4?

Statements from cast members like Andrew Koji suggest that the actors are open to returning for Warrior Season 4 if the opportunity arises and their schedules permit. However, no concrete plans for a fourth season have been announced as of now.

What unresolved storylines could be explored in Warrior Season 4?

The Season 3 finale left several storylines unresolved, including the fate of key characters like Chao, the evolving dynamics within the Tong factions, and the growing influence of figures like Mayor Buckley. Warrior Season 4 could potentially explore these unresolved plot threads and introduce new conflicts and developments.

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