Shannon Klingman Net Worth In 2024, Age, Husband And Wikipedia

Shannon Klingman is a distinguished healthcare professional and entrepreneur, renowned for her groundbreaking work in women’s health. As the founder of Lume Deodorant, Shannon revolutionized personal hygiene with a product specifically designed to address women’s unique needs.

Her journey from a dedicated gynecologist to a successful businesswoman with a net worth of $102 million is a testament to her innovative spirit and commitment to improving healthcare. Balancing her roles as a doctor, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of four, Shannon Klingman’s story is one of perseverance, ingenuity, and profound impact in the medical field.

Who is Shannon Klingman?

Shannon Klingman is a highly regarded healthcare professional and entrepreneur, most notably recognized as the founder of Lume Deodorant. Her expertise lies in gynecology and obstetrics, a field where she has practiced for over 16 years.

Klingman’s innovative spirit and dedication to addressing women’s health issues have not only earned her professional acclaim but also substantial financial success. Her journey from a practicing doctor to a successful entrepreneur highlights her commitment to improving healthcare outcomes and developing products that cater to women’s specific needs.

Shannon’s work with Lume Deodorant, in particular, showcases her ability to merge medical expertise with entrepreneurial acumen, resulting in a product that has made a significant impact in the personal hygiene market.

Shannon Klingman’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Shannon Klingman boasts a net worth of approximately $102 million. This impressive financial milestone is largely attributed to the success of Lume Deodorant, the company she founded in 2017. Shannon’s ability to identify a gap in the market for effective, women-centric hygiene products and her subsequent development of a unique deodorant has been pivotal in her wealth accumulation.

The exponential growth of Lume Deodorant has propelled Shannon from a healthcare professional with a modest income to a millionaire entrepreneur. Her financial journey reflects the success of her product and her astute business strategies.

Shannon Klingman Net Worth in Last 5 Years

Shannon Klingman’s net worth has seen a remarkable increase over the past five years, primarily driven by the success of Lume Deodorant. Here’s a breakdown of her net worth growth:

  • 2024: $102 million
  • 2023: $80 million
  • 2022: $50 million
  • 2021: $30 million
  • 2020: $10 million

Before the launch of Lume Deodorant, Shannon’s net worth was considerably lower, standing at around $5 million. The rapid growth in her net worth can be attributed to the booming success of her deodorant product, which filled a unique niche in the market.

Shannon Klingman Income Sources

Shannon Klingman’s income comes from multiple sources, reflecting her diverse professional engagements and successful business ventures:

  1. Lume Deodorant: The primary source of her wealth. The company’s sales and eventual sale to Harry for $20 million significantly boosted her financial standing.
  2. Medical Practice: Shannon continues to earn from her medical practice, offering healthcare sessions at $500 for a 15-minute consultation.
  3. Investments: She has wisely invested her earnings in real estate and stocks, further diversifying her income streams.
  4. Consulting and Collaborations: Shannon collaborates with various healthcare startups, contributing her expertise and earning consultancy fees.

Lume Deodorant

Lume Deodorant, founded by Shannon Klingman in 2017, is a groundbreaking product designed to address the unique hygiene needs of women. Unlike traditional deodorants, Lume is formulated to be used on the entire body, including private areas, to eliminate odor.

This innovation was born out of Shannon’s understanding of women’s health issues, acquired through years of medical practice. The product quickly gained popularity due to its effectiveness and unique selling proposition. By the end of 2021, the success of Lume Deodorant was such that Shannon sold the company to Harry for $20 million, marking a significant milestone in her entrepreneurial journey.

Healthcare Sessions

In addition to her entrepreneurial activities, Shannon Klingman continues to practice medicine. She offers personalized healthcare sessions where patients can book a one-on-one consultation with her. These sessions, priced at $500 for 15 minutes, provide patients with expert advice and recommendations on managing their health.

Shannon’s medical expertise, particularly in gynecology and obstetrics, makes her a sought-after consultant. These sessions not only provide a steady income stream but also allow her to maintain a direct connection with her medical roots and continue helping patients on a personal level.

How Shannon Klingman Spends Her Wealth

How Shannon Klingman Spends Her Wealth

Shannon Klingman is known for her philanthropic efforts and her investments in a luxurious lifestyle. Here’s a closer look at how she spends her wealth:

  1. Philanthropy: Shannon donates generously to health and education causes, supporting initiatives that align with her professional and personal values.
  2. Real Estate and Investments: She has invested in real estate and stocks, ensuring a diversified portfolio that secures her financial future.
  3. Travel: Shannon loves to travel and often spends her wealth exploring different parts of the world with her family.
  4. Luxury Lifestyle: She maintains a luxurious lifestyle, balancing her professional commitments with personal indulgences.

Shannon Klingman Wikipedia/Biography

Born on January 28, 1970, in Minnesota, Shannon Klingman rose from a middle-class background to become a notable figure in healthcare and entrepreneurship. Her biography reflects a blend of dedication to medicine and innovative business practices. After completing her initial education in Minnesota, she pursued higher studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, followed by a master’s and Ph.D. in nursing from Wayne State University.

Her career trajectory includes working at Minnesota Hospital, engaging in research projects, and ultimately founding Lume Deodorant. Shannon’s story is one of perseverance, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in both her medical and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Early Life & Education

Shannon Klingman’s early life was marked by a strong interest in health and wellness. Growing up in Minnesota, she was health-conscious from a young age, which influenced her career choice. She attended local schools before enrolling at the University of Michigan-Dearborn for her bachelor’s degree.

Shannon’s passion for healthcare led her to further her studies at Wayne State University, where she earned both a master’s and a Ph.D. in nursing. Her education laid a solid foundation for her career in medicine and her eventual success as an entrepreneur.

Shannon Klingman’s Husband

Shannon Klingman is married to Evan Griffiths, an obstetrician who shares her passion for healthcare. The couple married in 2006 and has since collaborated on various projects, including the development of Lume Deodorant. Evan’s support and shared expertise have been instrumental in Shannon’s entrepreneurial journey.

Together, they have four children: Julia, Bennett, Jonah, and Mary. Their family life is marked by a commitment to both their professional and personal endeavors, creating a supportive environment for their children.


As a millionaire and successful entrepreneur, Shannon Klingman enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. She loves traveling and often embarks on trips with her husband and family. Shannon is also an avid reader and researcher, continually seeking to expand her knowledge in health and wellness.

Despite her wealth, she maintains a balance between her professional commitments and personal interests, ensuring she leads a fulfilling life. Her lifestyle reflects her achievements and the hard work that has gone into building her career and business.

Age, Height, and Weight

Shannon Klingman was born on January 28, 1970, making her 54 years old as of 2024. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches and maintains a healthy weight of 59 kg. Shannon’s commitment to health and wellness is evident not only in her professional life but also in her personal well-being. She prioritizes maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which complements her professional ethos as a healthcare provider.

Shannon Klingman Career

Shannon Klingman’s career spans both medical practice and entrepreneurship. She started her professional journey at Minnesota Hospital, where she honed her skills in gynecology and obstetrics. Her medical career took a significant turn when she began researching and developing products that address women’s health issues.

This led to the creation of Lume Deodorant, a product that has revolutionized personal hygiene for women. Shannon’s career is a blend of clinical expertise and innovative thinking, making her a prominent figure in both fields. Her work continues to impact many, from patients in her medical practice to consumers of her products.

Founder of Lume Deodorant

The founding of Lume Deodorant in 2017 marks a significant milestone in Shannon Klingman’s career. The idea for Lume stemmed from her understanding of women’s health needs and the lack of effective products in the market. She developed a deodorant that could be used on the entire body, including private areas, to eliminate odor.

Lume’s unique formulation quickly gained popularity, and its success propelled Shannon into the spotlight as an innovative entrepreneur. The eventual sale of Lume to Harry for $20 million in 2021 underscored the product’s market value and Shannon’s business acumen.


Shannon Klingman’s entrepreneurial journey extends beyond Lume Deodorant. She has collaborated with various healthcare startups, such as NovoClade and Oneome, leveraging her medical expertise to contribute to their growth. Shannon’s ability to identify market needs and develop products that address those needs has been a hallmark of her entrepreneurial success.

Her ventures are characterized by a blend of scientific rigor and innovative thinking, ensuring that her products are both effective and commercially viable. Shannon’s entrepreneurship is a testament to her ability to merge her medical background with business acumen, resulting in significant financial and professional achievements.

Shannon Klingman Shark Tank

Shannon Klingman is one of the few healthcare entrepreneurs who had the opportunity to present her product on Shark Tank. During her appearance, she showcased Lume Deodorant, aiming to secure investment from the panel of investors. Although she did not receive significant backing from the sharks, her presentation highlighted the product’s potential and her vision for its future.

Shannon’s Shark Tank experience underscores her determination and confidence in her product, traits that have been crucial in her entrepreneurial journey. Despite the outcome, she continued to grow Lume independently, demonstrating resilience and commitment to her business.

Social Media Profiles of Shannon Klingman

Shannon Klingman actively engages with her audience through various social media platforms. Her presence on Instagram is particularly notable, where she shares health tips, promotes Lume Deodorant, and provides insights into her personal and professional life. Shannon’s social media profiles serve as a platform for her to connect with her followers, offering valuable information and fostering a community centered around health and wellness.

Additionally, she maintains a profile on LinkedIn, where she connects with potential investors and collaborators for her ventures. Shannon’s social media activity reflects her commitment to educating and empowering her audience, while also promoting her products and business ventures.


Shannon Klingman’s journey from a middle-class background in Minnesota to becoming a successful healthcare entrepreneur and doctor is truly inspiring. Her innovative approach to addressing women’s health issues through Lume Deodorant has not only brought her financial success but also made a significant impact in the personal hygiene market.

Shannon’s dedication to her medical practice, her philanthropic efforts, and her entrepreneurial ventures demonstrate her multifaceted talents and commitment to improving healthcare outcomes. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals, showcasing the potential for success through hard work, innovation, and a deep understanding of market needs.

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