How to Delete CVS Account?

How to Permanently Close Your CVS Pharmacy Account

As one of the largest pharmacy and retail chains in the United States, CVS has millions of members signed up for its ExtraCare rewards program and online accounts. However, there may come a time when you decide you no longer wish to have a CVS account. Deleting your CVS account is possible, but takes some planning and effort to do permanently.

This article will cover everything you need to know about closing your CVS customer account for good. We’ll weigh the potential pros and cons of account deletion, detail multiple methods to cancel your membership both online and by phone, and provide tips to remove leftover CVS data from your devices and browsers. With this guide, you’ll be able to completely sever your relationship with CVS pharmacy.

Should You Delete Your CVS Account? Possible Benefits vs. Drawbacks

Before going through the account cancellation process, it’s smart to think through your decision carefully. There are reasonable arguments on both sides for keeping or deleting your CVS account. Weighing out these potential pros and cons can help decide if closing your profile is the right choice.

Potential Advantages of CVS Account Closure

  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: Deleting your CVS account removes some personal data from the company’s databases and reduces your digital footprint. This can provide extra privacy and security, especially if you had credit cards saved in your profile.
  • Avoid Promotional Emails/Calls/Texts: CVS may send frequent marketing messages touting sales, coupons and ExtraCare deals. Removing your account can eliminate these contacts.
  • Clean Up Online Presence: Google Memory Game: Improve Your Memory Skills In Fun and Challenging Way. Shutting down unused accounts limits your exposure and consolidates your digital life.

Potential Disadvantages of CVS Account Closure

  • Lose ExtraCare Rewards Points Balance: Any unredeemed ExtraBucks and other rewards will be erased if you delete your account. Make sure to use them prior to closure.
  • Prescription Records No Longer Accessible: Your pharmacy order history will no longer be viewable in your CVS account. Check if you need this data before deleting.
  • Reopening an Account Takes Effort: If you later decide you want a new CVS account, you’ll have to create and verify a fresh profile from scratch.

How to Permanently Delete Your CVS Customer Account

How to Permanently Delete Your CVS Customer Account

If after weighing the pros and cons you decide to go forward with removing your CVS account, the steps involved will depend on whether you utilize the website portal, mobile app or call into customer service. We’ll outline detailed instructions for all three methods of account cancellation.

Log Into Your Account via CVS Pharmacy Website or App

  • Locate Account Settings Menu No matter the technique, accessing your account dashboard is the starting point. So first navigate online to and log into your profile or open up the CVS Pharmacy app on your device. From there browse for an “Account Settings” or similarly labeled menu.

Contact CVS Customer Service to Request Closure

  • Phone, Email and Chat Support Options Rather than handle account deletion through self-serve options only, you may want assistance from a knowledgeable CVS support rep. Reach out to them via the toll-free customer service line at 1-800-SHOP-CVS (1-800-746-7287). Alternatively, log into your account and navigate to the “Contact Us” page to email or initiate a live chat.

Submit Your Account Termination Request

  • Verify Choice to Permanently Close Account
    Once connected with a support team member, let them know clearly you wish to cancel your CVS customer account. They will likely ask some clarifying questions and ask you to definitively confirm you want to permanently delete your profile. This is meant to prevent people from accidentally closing their account.

Receive Confirmation Your Account Is Fully Deleted

  • Official Notice Account Removal Is Complete After going through identity verification steps and restating your intent to delete your account permanently, CVS will then process your closure request. You should receive official confirmation when the process completes and your account is fully removed from their systems. This may arrive by email or postal mail a few days later.

Additionally Remove CVS Pharmacy App and Clear Cache

  • Getting rid of your CVS online account is an important first step. You’ll also want to uninstall the mobile application from any smartphones or tablets where you have it loaded. And lastly, clear away browsing history and cached website data related to CVS that may linger in your internet browsers. This finishes erasing leftover CVS account traces.

How to Delete a CVS Account Via Company Website

For those with predominantly online CVS accounts, handling the cancellation steps through the pharmacy’s website portal is often easiest. We’ll outline the process:

  1. Pull up and click “Sign In” to access your account login screen
  2. Enter your user ID and password credentials to sign in
  3. Mouse over your name in upper right and select “My Account” from dropdown
  4. Choose “Communication Preferences” in leftside account settings menu
  5. Click button to “Close My Account” on next page
  6. Select reason you are closing your CVS account when prompted
  7. Review and agree to Terms & Conditions for account closing
  8. Provide any additional information requested by CVS to verify identity
  9. Receive onscreen and email confirmations that account closure succeeded

How to Cancel CVS Account Via Pharmacy’s Mobile App

Alternatively, CVS customers who primarily interact with the drugstore chain via smartphone can handle account deletion directly in the CVS Pharmacy app for iPhone or Android:

  1. Open CVS Pharmacy app on your device
  2. Tap the “Menu” icon in upper left corner
  3. Choose “Settings” near bottom of menu
  4. Scroll down and select “Close Account”
  5. Indicate primary reason you wish to cancel account
  6. Agree to Terms & Conditions to close account
  7. Enter requested identifying details like date of birth
  8. Get confirmations via push notification and email that your account has been removed

How to Delete Your CVS Account by Calling Customer Service

Finally, picking up the phone to speak with a CVS customer care representative allows you to close your account more quickly without navigating online. Here is how by phone:

  1. Call at support
  2. Select prompts to be connected with a customer service agent
  3. Identify yourself with name, address and account details
  4. Inform rep you wish to permanently close your CVS customer account
  5. Confirm decision to delete account when asked
  6. Provide any other personal identification details requested
  7. Note the ticket number and save email/mailed confirmation notices


We’ve covered all angles detailing how to fully delete your CVS account, either directly through the website or mobile app, or via customer support phone lines. Now that you know the ins and outs of account deletion – from weighing pro vs. cons to step-by-step guides – you can progress confidently toward CVS account closure in alignment with your personal needs and preferences. Just be certain before starting the termination process so you don’t lose important pharmacy records or accumulated ExtraCare rewards balances.

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